New Kaduna Millennium City

Governor Arc Namadi Sambo the recently elected governor of Kaduna state has already begun his project of recreating Kaduna City.

He has outlined his "11 point agenda" to use ICT as "a tool to empower, reconstruct, restructure and re-engineer."

He also stated that "We are creating new city, new shopping mall, new markets, new hospitals and new ways of doing business, and by the grace of God, new ways of providing Good Governance and dividends of Democracy to our people."

After only just discovering this, I am wondering if the average Nigerian citizen is also aware of this, have they incorporated the opinions of the society they are catering for during the design and development of the project?

Only time will tell its success.

by Tumi Jegede

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By Tumi Jegede
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MSB said...

Well, this is a welcome development. I hope they actually implement it in good time. Part of the funds saved from the removal of oil subsidy would be injected into this project! God bless Nigeria.

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